Ian Kitson | Landscape architecture & garden design

Ian, last week, 600 people came on our 2 open days, Sunday and Tuesday,  fine summer weather both days. So we put out a few cushions and rugs on  the new structures. The effect was electrifying. Instead of walking on, people  accepted the implicit invitation to linger-dozens and dozens of them, if not  hundreds. The great thing about the meadows here, apart from the fact that  they are wonderful and still improving, is that you can now view them both  from above and from within, as well as circulating pretty freely. These effects  are not only unusual, but they seem to make a compounding impression on  people. Visitors responded quite emotionally, and I am excited again about  what’s happening here. 

Hi Ian, thank you so much for the gorgeous masterplan! How exciting! 

Ian, thank you very much for the proposal plan – we will look at it in detail over  the weekend but I can already say that it has been a pure joy to look at how  you have translated our conversation, constraints and contradictions into  something that works, practically and aesthetically. It really made my week!!  Thank you! 

Hi Ian, our first impressions: we love the layout, the ideas, the way you have  brought coherence to the back garden and shaped both gardens. We all  thought that the choice of stone over wood is great and will work very well  with the house. I love all the areas with specimen trees as accents! In other  words, we are delighted!…..Thank you again for your plans, which really lifted  our spirits!