Fairlight End is a Grade 2 listed house in the village of Pett, East Sussex with 3 acres of gardens. Bought over 10 years ago, the owner, a knowledgeable plantsman created some exceptional wild flower meadows around a pond in the lower areas away from the house along with a comprehensive vegetable garden. Ian was brought in to advise on new designs for sloping woodland walks and this evolved to include designs for both the main rear and front gardens as well as additions in the wild flower areas.

The new designs won a heritage trust award, citing ‘a thoughtful and beautiful integration of the countryside and garden landscape with contemporary elements’ and have been filmed for both Gardeners World and Love your Garden.

The gardens have their own website: www.fairlightend.co.uk

The new works have been comprehensive, included ground remodeling to create terraced seating areas, corten steel freestanding and retaining walls, new path systems and parking arrangements, paved surfaces in cut stone and timber, new planting including specimen trees, bringing the wild flower meadows into the upper gardens, experimentation with alternatives to box planting, sculptural bespoke climbing plant supports and abstract topiary arrangements using a mix of native species.

The new designs provide a skeleton for the seasonal plant displays. The master plan arrangement along with the corten steel and topiary elements anchor the gardens and assert their core character allowing the diverse seasonal displays of wild flower meadows, perennial beds and winter gardens to perform.

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